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Spy-121D Easy to carry Mobile jammer

    Interference band:
    1.GPS              1570-15800Mhz
    2.CDMA/GSM    850-960 MHz
    3.DCS/PCS       1805-1990 MHz
    4.3G                2110-2170 MHz
 SPY-121D High power hand-held signal blocker Mobile phone with GPS signal blocker

Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as examination rooms/schools/gas stations/churches/courts/libraries/conference centers//theaters/hospitals/government/finance/prison/public security/military establishments. Provides working specifications, different options, perfect radio shielding/interference.

Jammers,Portable GPS Jammers,Handheld Cellphone Jammer,Handheld 
•Highly portable. Easy to carry.
•Palm Sized
•ON/OFF switch make it use more user-friendly.
•Higher efficient jamming effect by the high power 2.0watt design.
•Optional cover to make the jammer easier to carry.
Product Details
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Class rooms and small seminar halls 
Small Meeting rooms and board rooms 
Private offices
Army authorities.
Police authorities.
Bus and vehicles
VIP and privacy-sensitive scenarios'etc
Request Detailed Specifications   Please click here
Interference band:
1.GPS              1570-15800Mhz
2.CDMA/GSM    850-960 MHz
3.DCS/PCS       1805-1990 MHz
4.3G                2110-2170 MHz
Colors: Black
Power supply: AC110-240V 12V    Built-in Battery:200mA/h
Total output Power: 2 watt
Device Size:   109*61*30mm
Package Size: 210*152*85 mm
 Gross Weight: 0.75Kg
Built-in battery time : 90minutes

Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃
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