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The car that was locked by remote control disappeared and the "code decoder" was secretly sold online

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The owner parked the Cheetah V6 off-road vehicle in his yard. After getting out of the car, he pressed the remote lock and heard a "beep" sound, and then went upstairs with confidence. What he didn't expect was that the signal from the remote lock was intercepted by the "Code decoder" and the car was not locked. The car thief opened the door and drove away.
In the past two years, He Ningfeng and Huang Xiangjiang used this small machine and the car owner's carelessness to steal more than 30 cars. After many days of investigation, the Changsha Railway Police completely destroyed this car theft gang. Yesterday, He Ningfeng, Huang Xiangjiang, and Cai were arrested with the approval of the Changsha Railway Procuratorate.
The "locked" car is missing
On September 30 last year, the Loudi Station Police Station of the Changsha Railway Public Security Department received a report from a unit that the driver He locked a Cheetah V6 off-road vehicle worth more than 300,000 yuan at night and parked it in the open air of the unit after locking the door with a remote control lock. In the parking lot, it was discovered that the car had been stolen early in the morning, but no clues were left around.
After receiving the alarm, Deng Wenzhong, the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation of the Changsha Railway Public Security Department, immediately led the criminal police detachment captain Chen Hongping, Loudi brigade captain Zhao Yun and investigators to the scene to carry out investigation visits and on-site inspections at Xiangxiang, Loudi, Shaoyang and other stations. The police station also responded urgently and set up checkpoints at every intersection where the suspect might have fled, but no stolen vehicles were found passing through these intersections.
The police found that similar car theft cases had also occurred in Changsha, Shuangfeng, Shaoyang and other places. In view of the seriousness of the case, the Changsha Railway Public Security Department established a "9·30" large car theft case task force, headed by Chen Hongping, the captain of the criminal police detachment. Director, 16 investigators were dispatched to participate.
Used car market uncovers major clues
The task force reviewed surveillance videos from more than 10 intersections in Loudi City and finally discovered the whereabouts of the stolen Cheetah. The car entered the Shangrui Expressway and headed towards Shaoyang. The police confirmed from the surveillance video in Shaoyang City that the car drove into the Jiangbei Market area of Shaoyang City and then disappeared.
"With so many stolen cars, could it be that the suspects drove them themselves? They must have sold them secretly. Let's start with the second-hand car market!" Chen Hongping, the leader of the task force, pointed out the direction of solving the case. The policemen from the task force put on civilian clothes, drove civilian cars, and visited all second-hand car trading markets in Shaoyang City, pretending to be second-hand car buyers asking "if there are any Cheetah V6 off-road vehicles for sale."
After several months of investigation and visits, in early February this year, Tang Yuliang, deputy captain of the Loudi Criminal Police Brigade, learned that in a residential building near the second-hand car market in Shaoyang, He Ningfeng, the ex-husband of a woman named Luo, was "very capable" and could often do tricks. to cheap used cars. In 2022, He was arrested by the Loudi Public Security Bureau for selling a stolen Audi A6 car and was sentenced to 5 months of detention. Further investigation by the police found that He and Huang Xiangjiang had a very close relationship. The two had repeatedly sold used cars at cheap prices of 10,000 to 2 US dollars in the second-hand car market.
Husband sells stolen cars and wife collects money
The investigators continued to investigate He and Huang and found that He remarried Peng in 2022 and had abnormal activities after the "9·30" incident. He appeared in Shuangfeng, Shaoyang, Changsha, Guizhou, Huaihua and other places. I didn't return to Loudi until half a month later. But there was nothing unusual in He's bank account. If He was a car thief, where did the money go after selling the stolen car?
The investigators saw clues from the account of He's wife Peng: 20,000 yuan in cash was remitted from Shaoyang to Peng's bank account after the National Day last year. Peng then withdrew it, and the remitter was Cai. On the National Day last year Later, he used a Cheetah V6 off-road vehicle, whose color and style were similar to those stolen on September 30.
On the morning of March 9, investigators Shi Shengxiang and Li Zhongwei stopped Cai driving a Cheetah in Shaoyang City in the name of police vehicle investigation. During the cross-examination, Cai claimed that the procedures for his car were complete, but the police found that the engine and frame numbers of the car had been changed, and its driving license was also forged.
Faced with the facts, Cai confessed that he purchased the car from a man named He from Loudi for 20,000 yuan. After identification, the car was a stolen vehicle. At the same time, Cai confessed that his other Audi Q5 sedan was also sold to him by He. The truth came out, He Ningfeng was the car thief! After stealing the car, he transferred all the stolen money from the sale of the car to his wife's account in an attempt to confuse the police.
The main criminal was captured at the mahjong table
The criminal suspect was identified, and the task force quickly located Huang Xiangjiang's whereabouts in a house in a street office in Loudi City. The police discovered that He Ningfeng had arrived in Sichuan half a month ago. In order not to alert others, the task force decided to closely monitor Huang.
On March 10, the task force learned that He had returned to his hometown in Shuangfeng! Zhao Yun, captain of the Loudi Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Changtie Public Security Department, led the arrest team to the outside of He Ningfeng's house overnight. After investigation, He opened a mahjong parlor at his home and there were three tables of mahjong that night. Zhao Yun led the investigators to knock on He's door in the form of catching gamblers and check the ID cards of everyone present. He didn't take it seriously when he saw the police arresting him for gambling. When questioned by the police, he claimed that he only played mahjong for 5 yuan, which was not considered gambling. The police suddenly revealed their identity and conducted a search, and seized a "car signal interceptor" from He.
After winning the first battle, Zhao Yun immediately led the arrest team back to Loudi City and planned to arrest Huang Xiangjiang. He confessed that he had teamed up with Huang to steal motor vehicles many times since 2021, stealing more than 30 motor vehicles in total, and all of them were sold in the second-hand car market at low prices of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. In order to facilitate theft, He deliberately purchased a rolling code decoder on the Internet. When some careless car owners used the remote control to lock the door, he would use this device to intercept the signal and then steal the car. According to He's confession, the police confiscated three other stolen cars stolen from Shaoyang, Loudi and other places. Currently, the police are conducting further investigation.
Reporter investigates: Jammers are secretly sold online
Yesterday, the reporter entered the words "car jammer" and rolling code decoder into the Internet to search and found about 177,000 related web pages. Under the brand of "Jiangsu Xuzhou Haitian Technology Co., Ltd.", a website openly sells "high-power three-band car key grabber", "pandora code grabber", etc. In the product introduction, they all emphasize that they can quickly copy the remote control or block interference. Car remote control lock, etc.
After the reporter dialed the contact number left on the web page, a man told the reporter that the car code grabber has three models: large, medium and small, which can grab all car doors within a range of 100 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters respectively. It can't be closed, and it works equally well with the car's original and retrofitted remote control locks. In addition, the man also eloquently introduced that this product is produced for various types of car remote control locks. It is highly concealable and easy to operate. Even if the car owner locks the door with the remote control, he can open it by himself with this code grabber pandora, etc. Zhao Yun, captain of the Loudi Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Changtie Public Security Department, told reporters that when the suspect was captured, the police conducted an on-site test of the rolling code grabber and found that it could indeed intercept the car's remote control signal within a 100-meter area. Regarding the behavior of reselling "car code grabber" online, Zhao Yun said that this is a criminal act of providing crime tools, and the police will investigate and deal with it seriously once discovered.
Police remind you to be careful to prevent your car from being stolen
For such new and high-tech crime methods, the police reminded that after getting off the car and locking the car remotely, they should manually check that the door and trunk are closed before leaving. This can prevent criminals from using signal interceptors to commit crimes, causing the door locks to fail. live. If a car owner sees a criminal using a code grabber near their vehicle, they should call the police immediately. In addition, car owners are advised not to leave valuables such as cash in the car to prevent theft.

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