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The car unlocks the unlocker for five minutes to crack the "new car decoder"

 The car unlocks the unlocker for five minutes to crack the "new car decoder"

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This product is the latest chip upgrade version of 2017. According to the test results of major repair shops for many years, it has achieved 100% effect on the following models:
Mercedes-Benz C200, Mercedes-Benz C260, Mercedes-Benz C300, Mercedes-Benz A180, Mercedes-Benz A200, Mercedes-Benz A260, Mercedes-Benz E260, Mercedes-Benz E300
BMW: BMW 3 Series BMW 5 Series BMW (Import) BMW 1 Series BMW 3 Series (Import) BMW 5 Series (Import) BMW 6 Series BMW 7 Series BMW M Series BMW X1 BMW X3
Audi: Audi A4L Audi A6L Audi Q5 Audi (import) Audi A3 Audi A5 Audi A8 Audi Q5 (import) Audi Q7 Audi R8
Toyota: Highlander Camry Yaris Toyota RAV4 Corolla Crown Corolla Land Cruiser Prado Ruis Reiz Vios FJ Cool Road Ze Prado Previa
Honda: Honda CR-V Platinum Core Civic Odyssey Fit Du Fan Accord Ling Pai Ai Liwei Sidi Binzhi
Ford: Fox Carnival McCos Mondeo - Winning Sharp
Nissan: Dongfeng Nissan Converse 玛玛 奇骏 骐达 天籁 逍 颐 郑 Zhengzhou Nissan Paladin Nissan NV200 Nissan (import) Nissan GT-R
General: Chevrolet Wuling Lechi Jingcheng Cruze Leyi Lefeng Sail
Buick: Excelle, Regal, LaCrosse, Excelle, Boulevard, Yinglang, Angkor, Rong Yu
Ford: Fox, Carnival, McCos, Mondeo - Winning, Sharp, Winning, Yibo, Wing Tiger
High stability, high sensitivity remote distance controller launch distance is about 100 meters
Old car and low-end car
Li Chao said that vehicle anti-theft chips usually only use 40-bit encryption, which used to take dozens of days to crack. With the advancement of technology, it only takes a few hours.
Subsequently, Li Chao demonstrated to a reporter with a white old BMW 3 Series sedan. Li Chao first opened the car decoder, then clicked the unlock button of the car remote control key, and then placed the key next to the decoder. At this time, a long series of numbers and letters are immediately displayed on the decoder. "This is the password of this car, which has been copied by the decoder and copied." Li Chao said that he pressed the button of the decoder, the door Open it in response.
Afterwards, the reporter experimented with Toyota Corolla, BYD F3, Buick Excelle, Volkswagen Santana 3000, Volkswagen Jetta and Subaru Forester. Except for the foresters who were not opened, none of the other models were spared.
"Basically, the old models before 2018 can be opened. Now the new models, unless they are medium and low-end models, are generally difficult to open." Li Chao said.
Car unlock unlocker for five minutes can crack "car latest decoder" [car remote control signal receiver] [car control decoder] [car door lock cracker]
According to the website, the theft of Toyota Crown Cars first appeared in coastal areas such as Fujian, in Zhejiang Province in 2009 and in Jiangsu Province in 2017. From the case of the case, it appeared to spread from south to north. Due to the large value of such cases, the victim’s huge property losses and social impact are not good, and it is not possible to rule out the possibility of criminals crossing the province. The criminal suspects have four main characteristics when committing crimes: 1. The time of committing crimes is concentrated in the evening to the early morning hours; 2. The location of the crime is relatively small, and the remoteness and section with more parking are mainly (mainly selected in residential areas). 3, the choice of the target is the Toyota Crown car and other high-end cars; 4, the way of committing is mainly to break the window glass into the car, and then use the decoder to carry the mask to decrypt the words ** car After driving, he quickly fled. Criminal suspects have clear goals, may commit crimes, make their own tools, and are familiar with electronic decoding technology and driving technology.
[After service commitment]
Service tenet: efficient, high quality, fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough;
2, service target: service quality wins customer satisfaction service efficiency: if the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period
The supplier shall deal with the maintenance personnel within 24 hours after receiving the notice.
3. If you need this product, it will involve dividends in the later stage. Please contact the buyer carefully.
Solemn promise: If the customer purchases the product, if the product is invalid within 30 days, you will be given a full refund.
The company implements the three-pack policy: 7 days for return, 30 days for replacement, one year warranty

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