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SPY HG101 Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Jammer Disconnector Suppressor Truner Isolator Conference Information Security

    SPY-HG101 Mobile Phone Signal Jammer (Mobile Jammer/Disconnector/Suppressor/Truner/Isolator/Conference Information Security)
    Available system  
    Include analog (AMPS,TACS,NMT) and digital (GPRS,GSM,  

TG-101H examination room type mobile phone signal shield (second generation 3G upgrade)

※Product Introduction ※
HG101 mobile phone signal jammer (also known as cell phone jammer/breaker/suppressor/truncator/isolator/conference information security machine) is our factory adopts foreign advanced technology, mainly for the domestic college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study exam In the course of examinations, colleges and universities use the status quo of mobile phone cheating, and at the same time combine the current status of various middle and senior high school students who use their mobile phones to send text messages during class hours, as well as various political institutions and enterprises. Small conference rooms, concert halls, theaters and other serious places in the mobile phone brought troubles and noisy According to the actual situation of domestic mobile communications meticulously developed successful high-tech products, it can be in the radius of 1 - 20 meters range (50-250 square Within meters, the GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G mobile phone signals are cut off so that the mobile phone cannot make and receive calls, but it will not interfere with the work of other e-learning devices. The mobile phone will leave the partition and can resume normal use. Also a clean school, but also a meeting in Nanjing.


Shielded GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G Five Channel Bands Brushed aluminum alloy shell, panel can be customized according to customer needs or silk screen logo (free to provide silk screen service) Transmission power 8W, 2W per antenna Effective shielding distance 1-20 meters adjustable (debugging according to customer requirements before leaving the factory)No harm to the human body

※Applicable place ※

College entrance examinations, adult college entrance examinations, self-study exams, and colleges and universities Party and government agencies, various types of large and medium-sized conference rooms, concert halls, and theaters Detention Centers, Correctional Institutions, Large, Medium, and Small Prisons Gas stations, oil depots, oil fields, gas stations and other flammable and explosive places.

Tx Frequency
  (A)TX frequency 869-894MHz 
  (B)TX frequency 925-960MHz 
  (C) Tx frequency 1805-1990MHz
  (D) Tx frequency 2100-2200MHz
Available system  
Include analog (AMPS,TACS,NMT) and digital (GPRS,GSM,  
Single output power 
+35dBm / 800mW 
Power input 
Power output 
DC 4.2V 8A 
Jamming range 
Radius 15 - 20 M 
【the Cellular signal must ≤-85dBm in the location】 
 The jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area 
 Safety regulation 
  AC Adapter UL (E190582) 
  CSA (LR112971 Level 3) 
  185(L)×137(W)×60H)mm not include antenna 
-40 to +55℃
Relative humility
Air pressure
Working Area
1. Conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, and hospital etc.
2. At places where using mobile phones is prohibited such as government, military, finance, security, police 

※Installation Notes※
This product can be directly fixed to the wall or ceiling with screws. The surface temperature of the product can reach 50°C, so keep away from low heat-resistant objects.
Installation height: 1.0-2.0 meters best
Installation direction: Do not point the antenna of the cell phone signal interceptor to the direction of the cell phone base station, otherwise it will affect the use effect.
1) Antenna connection
   The antenna is designed with a fail-safe design and can only be inserted and mounted when it is correct. (Note: Turning on the power switch without installing the antenna may damage the unit.) 2) Power connection
Check the power switch of the main unit, make sure the power switch is in the off position, insert the power transformer output plug into the power socket on the left side of the host, and connect the power transformer input plug to the AC220V power supply.
※Service ※
Baohuan within one year and repair within three years

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