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What is the difference between car remote control rolling code and fixed code

                                           rolling code auto door opener

Open the remote control and look at the chip (plainly the largest component on the remote control circuit board) PT2262 / PT2262 / HS2262 / SC2262, etc. are all welding codes, and there will be solder points on the back of the chip, rolling code The chip model is HCS101 / HCS301, etc. This is the rolling code.
The remote control is a device used to remotely control machinery. Modern remote controls are mainly composed of integrated circuit boards and buttons used to generate different messages (message definition in communication: composed of a set of interrelated meaningful symbols that can express a certain complete meaning of information.) composition. The passenger car remote control uses the latest technology coding and decoding to control the door pump solenoid valve by flashing to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the automatic door. It is used for passenger cars (buses, minibuses) to remotely open and close the doors, avoiding the driver's need to get in and open the door every time. The main component of the transmitting part of the remote control is an infrared light emitting diode. It is actually a special light-emitting diode. Because its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, when a certain voltage is applied across its ends, it emits infrared light instead of visible light.

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