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How Car Code Grabber works

Car Code Grabber

Some users have always wanted to know how a car key decoder decodes it? And exactly how does it work? How is the structure? Today, Car Lock Bao will explain the working principle and structure in detail for everyone. This article is a technical article, you may not understand it, probably understand!
Quite a few car owners kindly call the car key Car Code Grabber a versatile treasure chest. As long as the remote control signal password is received, the remote control can be automatically programmed to generate a complete remote control signal password, which is equivalent to copying an original remote control radio receiver. When the owner uses the remote control to open or close the door lock, the radio receiver intercepts the electronic signal sent by the remote control, analyzes and decodes the electronic signal, and then copies the decoded electronic signal. At the same time, write down the license plate and follow the owner secretly. After mastering the rules of the vehicle parking, the owner waits for the opportunity to open the door lock to steal the car with the copied electronic signal. Because this method is more complicated. As a vehicle repair tool, the state currently has no special regulations on it.

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