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Will the signal from the base station be disturbed by the mobile signal jammer?

Cell phone signal jammers are familiar to everyone, but anyone who has participated in a large-scale exam has seen it, and it is placed at the entrance of the classroom of the exam. This is no malicious blocking signal. On the contrary, this is the embodiment of maintaining fairness. In order to give the testers a fair environment. However, many people are wondering if it will affect the signal radiation of the base station, so that there is no signal in one area.
With the advancement of society and the development of high technology, people's level is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, mobile phones have become a habit of adults and children. It is more important for primary and secondary school students. It is possible to affect vision, and even more serious is the ruin of school.
Since the advent of mobile phone signal shielding devices, they have been trusted by the test sites, schools, prisons, etc. In fact, mobile phone signal shielding devices are not a new thing in foreign countries, and they have begun to sell in the domestic market in recent years. The cell phone signal blocker only interferes with the cell phone signal, so it does not affect the mobile base station and other electronic devices. Nowadays, a lot of primary and secondary school students, one person and one mobile phone, some addicted to games, some addicted to novels, etc., are more dangerous for school exams. Baidu has all the answers. If everyone checks with a mobile phone, it will violate the test. Purpose and meaning!
In the face of mobile phone signal shielding, we must be rational and scientific. The working principle of the mobile phone signal shielding device is to send out a specific signal, and the signal of the connection between the mobile phone and the base station is awakened or shielded, so that the mobile phone has no signal or can not find the network service, and the use of the mobile phone to send and receive short messages will become garbled. Therefore, the original message cannot be recognized.
In fact, the signal masker generally does not affect the signal of the base station, so there is no need to worry, and no one will think about disturbing other people's signals.

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