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Car anti-theft key matching dedicated decoding devices VVDI2

The basic functions + Volkswagen + BMW + Porsche, the redemption and the Volkswagen version are not shipped yet, so contact as soon as possible. Compatible with all functions of the first generation, it is more complete and stable, the model is more extensive, and the anti-theft function is diversified. Decoding devices VVDI2 adds functions such as tango, supports partial anti-theft programming, and reserves an interface to expand the matching of new and old Mercedes-Benz keys - more features can continue to look down:
Special feature:
Compatible with all VVDI generation features, more complete and more stable
More support for models and multiple anti-theft features
Added plug-in function, reserved development interface compatible with all functions of VVDI generation
VVDI 2 includes all the functions of a generation of devices, and the tango function, remote generation analog function and chip recognition function are all perfect, and the stability of the coil is also enhanced.
More worthy of note is that the VVDI 2 identification chip, the detection of the remote frequency will not need to connect to the computer, nor add other equipment.
More support for models
The first generation VVDI only supports the diagnostic function of the public. The VVDI 2 generation has been compatible with the diagnostic protocols of various vehicles, and supports the anti-theft programming function and software online upgrade of some vehicles.
It can also replace a lot of special equipment, instead of buying a special equipment like the previous model, saving money and saving trouble.
Plugin function, reserved interface
As a diversified platform, VVDI 2 can be connected as a multi-function programmer to read and write data such as IC and CPU.
It can read and write the Mercedes-Benz key with infrared, expand the matching of the new and old Mercedes-Benz keys, and can adapt to the BMW plug-in to realize the BMW OBD function. At the same time, it also reserves the interface for some existing or future functions.
Core functions
Remote frequency detection
Chip type automatic identification
Volkswagen model function support * comprehensive
BMW models support ISN reading
Key programmer
Remote generator
J2534 compatible adapter
Various functions:
1Detect key frequency, automatically identify the chip
The test data can be instantly fed back to the host display without the need to connect to the computer.
2 Volkswagen models feature support diagnostics
Four or five generations of anti-theft system reading and writing, key learning function, BCM remote control matching, K-line instrument anti-theft box, mileage calibration, matching control unit, one-second generation firmware protection release, support data operation tool
3 BMW models feature support OBD function
Mileage calibration, key generation, key unlocking, CAS repair
4 key programmer key chip programming
Generate dedicated chips, anti-theft data processing tools, other key tools
Remote generation
5. Introduction to PassThru J2534
Built-in switch matrix, support the use of third-party diagnostic software, such as ODIS, Honda, Toyota TIS, etc., call VVDI2 to complete the diagnosis and other functions (Note: third-party software is required to be compatible with J2534 function).
Support online upgrade

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