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How to prevent three ways to be eavesdropped

  1. The principle of wireless sneak shots and its preventive measures
    Transmission via wireless signals such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, VHF, UHF. . . Eavesdropping devices such as transmissions. Because various signals are transmitted externally, the RF detection device can be used for searching. If the environment is complex enough, a spectrum anti-eavesdrop analysis device is also needed. Even some devices work in embedded WiFi or other signaling devices. This requires professional skills and experience to judge the true and false.
    2. Laser bug prevention
    1Because the laser is hit in the target window to obtain relevant information through sound vibration, we can take the following measures:
    2 Add a layer of blinds or other objects that block the laser outside the glass window;
    3 window glass is changed to shaped glass, the surface of the shaped glass is not smooth, does not affect the light transmission, but the laser light that is scattered back cannot be received;
    4 The window glass is mounted at an angle to reflect the incident laser beam to the nearby ground;
    5 windows are fitted with thick enough glass to make it difficult to resonate with the sound;
    6 attach the audio noise source of the piezoelectric body or motor to the window glass or near the window to make noise attached to the reflected beam.
    7 Because laser eavesdropping has a receiving device, it can also look up the direction of the receiving device from the perspective of the eavesdropper.
    8In the indoor situation, laser eavesdropping can not work very well. Therefore, when laser anti-eavesdropping is performed, white noise devices can be placed indoors for anti-eavesdropping.
    3. Pseudo base station anti-eavesdropping
    You can turn off your own GSM service directly through the operator, or you can use the mobile phone to set up (not the mobile phone has this setting item), and the professional secret mobile phone can automatically identify the pseudo base station signal. Nowadays, the state control is relatively strict, and such pseudo base station equipment is almost invisible. However, if the target value is high enough, it is impossible to exclude such equipment. After being intercepted by the pseudo base station, it is not found.

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